Shaking up the baby bottle market


Shake up a baby bottle market dominated by competitor milk preparation machines. 


We wanted to make sure we had a full understanding of our audience and their world, so we held focus groups and in-depth interviews around the country to get the insights we needed.

We learnt that there is so much to worry about as a new parent and our campaign needed to reflect this. Our audience knew that using freshly boiled water is the safest way to make up their baby’s bottles, but waiting for the water to cool to the right temperature can feel like forever – especially when your baby is crying out for it.


‘Sergeant Shoutypants’ was born. The campaign is a dramatisation of what it can feel like to be at the beck and call of a hungry, demanding, entirely unreasonable little person. The ‘ready to serve’ messaging and army-styled assets expanded on the idea and helped tie the whole campaign together. 

The creative and messaging reassured parents that we understand the urgency and pressure to respond immediately to a hungry baby, whilst keeping their safety as the top priority.

Like a newborn baby, this distinctive campaign made a lot of noise and got plenty of attention. It also made people laugh, whilst delivering all of the important messages.


RapidCool became the No.1 bestseller on Amazon and continues to be Nuby’s top product. Mission accomplished.