Triumph Motorcycles

Delivering some of the most ambitious launches to date for one of the most iconic British brands.


Triumph is a renowned name in the motorcycle world, but is facing competition from multiple directions. The ambition is to reinforce Triumph’s position as the leader in several categories, as well as to build aspiration among new riders or those considering a new category of bike.

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Whether launching bikes into established categories or entering completely new ones, there are key themes that lay the foundations of every Triumph campaign.

Firstly, if you want to be known as the market leader, you have to act like it. We found that several competitor brands often followed the same formulas that have become tired and clichéd – therefore we knew we had to avoid these approaches.

Another key aspect of being a leader is great storytelling. Triumph as a brand is steeped in a rich storytelling history, right up to the modern day. This allows the brand to show authenticity and to reassure riders with confidence that they are the clear choice.

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Since working with Triumph, we’ve delivered all major launch campaigns across multiple categories, from the iconic Modern Classics to the category-leading Tiger 900. We have launched the brand into new categories, like the introduction of the TF 250-X, the first of their much-anticipated motocross range, and entered into the midsize engine sector with the Triumph 400’s. 

From forming insightful strategies to delivering visually stunning assets, we lead on every aspect of the campaign. Our partnership with Triumph has seen us shoot from London to California, working alongside talented production partners to capture spectacular content in both stills and motion – with no plans to slow down.

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