Their business model starts with a simple purpose: to repair the damage done to nature and restore the environment through a nationwide network of habitat banks. It’s also about recognising that for too long, commercial organisations have taken from the planet without giving back. 

Environment Bank seek to reverse this relationship between nature and commerce by making biodiversity the most important and urgent investment via their flagship product, Biodiversity Net Gain Credits.

The habitat banks that Environment Bank create, range from magnificently biodiverse wetlands to canopied woodlands. Through these, they generate a secure income for landowners, whilst offering predictable and guaranteed reserves of BNG Credits for the developers that need them.

Their mission is rooted in action, entrepreneurial flair, and ecological expertise; and we couldn’t feel prouder to have helped launch it into the world.


The Branding Process

As with all of our projects, we started with strategy. We left no stone unturned and no decision to guesswork. 

We workshopped with senior team leaders and thoroughly researched Environment Bank’s multiple audiences to help them articulate a complex offer as something compelling and clear: a pioneering solution that ensures human and environmental futures. Environment Bank have ambitions to disrupt the well-established financial/ecological status-quo, one that currently takes from the planet with insubstantial reinvestment.

We then developed a robust brand strategy and identity that would successfully communicate Environment Bank’s bold new plan, balancing its action-oriented drive and progressive spirit with its unparalleled expertise and unrivalled knowledge of business and ecology.


The Creative

We crafted bold, considered copy with a tone that captures Environment Bank’s pioneering spirit and speaks to the brand’s three key audiences: landowners, developers, and local planning authorities. We also created a brand mantra, an elevator pitch, and the confident, assured strapline ‘A New Plan for the Planet’.

Alongside this is a beautiful brand identity and design system that will grow with the brand and work across multiple platforms, whether emblazoned across digital spaces or placed within broadsheet newspapers. The brand’s versatility extends across this too; it’s equally at home on a branded fleece in the depths of Dartmoor, as it is in a boardroom. 

And this was a key part of our vision – that the brand could feel distinctively environmental and progressive, yet retain a seriousness and gravitas that commands respect amongst investors and industry insiders.  


The Digital Presence

We’re especially pleased to have developed and designed their website environmentbank.com. It acts as the main destination for the brand’s various audiences, and provides a fitting and cinematic home for the brand to live in.

As a brand destination, the calls to action direct and capture visitors in a clear and concise way. And it acts as a trusted, user-friendly platform to view the most up to date industry news on Biodiversity Net Gain. As the phased development continues under the chosen Umbraco platform, there is limitless scope for future expansion.


We’re hugely excited to see this brand out there in the wild, and we’re looking forward to seeing Environment Bank turn the status-quo on its head and play their part in securing a brighter, more equitable future for our natural world.