We all Make Sunderland

  • website
  • digital platform
  • interaction

Celebrate the people and places making Sunderland


To raise Sunderland’s civic pride by showcasing what the city has to offer through an exciting new campaign.


To create a digital microsite as a call to action from the main campaign to act as a digital hub exhibiting people’s personal experiences within the city.


We created a digital hub of blog articles to humanise the city of Sunderland through storytelling. This provided a sense of community, advocating the city’s wild side, homely tea rooms and gift shops, exciting coastal activities and equal opportunities projects, to list a few! 

An interactive sign-up form was created as an immediate action for people to contribute their support for the city. Cool web functionality including the use of query web strings allowed users to see their name being added to the city’s map, acting as a visual aid to emphasise that every person’s contribution makes a difference. 

Using an engaging form facilitated data capture from the sign-up allowing for follow-up strategies to continue the success of Sunderland’s name regeneration. Built in Umbraco, the web page remains versatile providing Sunderland County Council with the ability to keep content fresh with new blog articles, imagery, and videos.