More Mountain's peak performance website

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Filled with outdoor fun and exquisite views, More Mountain offers luxury accommodation in the French Alps. However, what didn’t quite reflect this luxury brand, was their existing WordPress website. It was slow, clunky and had created errors with the availability of properties not matching.

So, they came to us.

We developed updates to their current booking system, allowing separate payment streams and more accurate availability information. We also rewrote the API to provide accurate data for real-time availability lookups.

After creating their new custom-built booking system, we looked to complete the picture with their old website. Unfortunately, this website wasn’t offering a full integration and had fundamental booking issues.

We overhauled the website, moving from WordPress to Umbraco CMS. This move allowed us to develop bespoke technology for More Mountain, making the editing experience easier. We reviewed the flow of the system and smoothed out the booking process, creating a more intuitive user journey and future-proofing the site.

Now with an easily integrated, high-quality editing experience from Umbraco, More Mountain’s users get a first-class experience, before even stepping foot in a chalet.

View the website here