Bilsdale Mast Project Restore

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  • informative
  • data capture

Getting TV back for everyone

Following the unfortunate Bilsdale Mast fire, Arqiva approached us to create an informative website to support affected residents as part of their crisis management plan.


Provide a user-friendly and informative digital service to help restore TV access to everyone. 


In a short time frame, we needed to educate visitors on the event and the steps Arqiva were taking to support affected people in order to deal with the situation.


A handy postcode lookup service, a simple helpline contact form and a ‘claim your voucher’ form were created to enable users to check signal in their area and access help.

It was important to reassure customers that whilst having reduced TV access to your favourite soap drama may seem like the end of the world, the issue was being dealt with quickly and effectively. 

Built on the trusty Umbraco, news, imagery and video content could be regularly updated so Arqiva’s customers could be kept in the know. Super security and our technical security experts further ensured the accommodation of multinational corporate, highly sensitive customer data.