Alnwick Castle

  • website
  • ticket management
  • visitor attraction

The second largest inhabited castle in the UK


To showcase Alnwick Castle’s physical offerings in a re-moat fashion through an exciting digital offering, as well as implement a new ticketing system into the website.


To create a seamless user journey through an innovative website re-design and e-ticketing system to heighten visitor attraction.


Our digital offering integrated a new ticketing solution (GAMMA) and enhanced the website’s SEO and CRO. We also used an on-demand API to allow the booking system to check availability for certain days in real time, giving the client granular control over online ticket sales.

The integration also included an online payment gateway, connected directly to the website giving the user a seamless website experience while offering the security and latest features from the gateway (GlobalPayment).

Recognised as a tourist destination worldwide, we also ensured the site had multilingual content managed capabilities and provided people with the power and flexibility to book their tickets from anywhere in the world.


The results came in quick and fast, just 6 months post-launch there was: 

  • 28.3% increase in online revenue
  • 32.6% increase in online conversions