A club the fans are proud to be part of


Build a club brand that fans of all ages would be proud to support, regardless of the result on the pitch.


Football fans can be incredibly loyal to their club, some don’t even miss a match in their lifetime. It’s this sense of pride and loyalty we aim to capture and celebrate in every campaign and piece of comms for the club – whether it’s the latest kit launch or kick-starting season ticket renewals. SCFC’s brand is focused on inclusivity and the supporter community – it’s a club that each fan is proud to call their own.


Working closely with the SCFC in-house team, we review and update each piece of fan comms on an annual basis – ensuring the tone is in line with how the club is performing and how the fans are feeling.


Our work covers everything: interior design of the training ground and stadium, ticket and membership pack design, retail campaigns to drive kit and merchandise sales, and even corporate guidelines. The look and feel, and tone of voice, has to be consistent across every single thing that the fans experience. 


The annual kit launch is a key focus. Every season, we come up with a new creative platform that sets the tone for everything else. From player photoshoots to launch videos, website design to point of sale, each year this one campaign has to work in multiple ways.


A brand that is able to withstand any league result.