By Richard Rippon, Senior Copywriter

You may have received the odd email in recent weeks relating to GDPR.

For a while, it felt like you could’ve smashed up all your devices and sailed to the most remote, uninhabited Pacific island, only to have someone leap out of the undergrowth and tell you they were updating their privacy policy.

General Data Protection Regulation is kind of a big deal, and yes, I had to Google what it stands for.

As thousands of messages have already mentioned, it’s now illegal for a company to send emails to people who haven’t specifically opted to receive them. Non-compliance could cost businesses dearly.

So now we’re at the dawn of a post-GDPR world, what will we do with all that extra time our uncluttered inboxes will give to us? Chances are, we’ll go online, buy stuff, enter competitions and opt in to a load of emails from brands and businesses in the process. As Jeff Goldblum might say, email spam… er… finds a way.