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We’re back with more web design goodness for you to peruse. It’s been tough narrowing it down this time but we’re sure you’ll like our final choices. From web VR experiments to hipster sausage rolls, we hope you’re creatively inspired as always.

Remember: A lot of the sites we’ll be sharing use experimental web technologies. To see them at their best, be sure to use an up-to-date browser. We viewed them all in Google Chrome.


Spotify have done quite a few data-driven projects and this is another good one for those with an account (you can skip this if you don’t). The site collects everything you’ve listened to recently, guilty pleasures and all, and tells you ‘what kind of listener you are’. With a collection of over 1500 genres, it offers some interesting insights into your musical habits.

2. Dunkirk

This is a Chrome VR experiment for the latest Christopher Nolan film, Dunkirk. You don’t need a VR kit to enjoy it though (we haven’t), it’s just a good example of where web technologies are going and how immersive they can be.

3. Panike

Panike is essentially a hipster Greggs with a really cool website. For a relatively boring product, the designers and developers have managed to create a surprisingly interesting experience. Maybe a bit over the top for sausage rolls but good nonetheless.

4. Viva Le Velo

A site to ‘celebrate the greatest bikes throughout the ages’, Viva Le Velo combines lovely illustrations with an informative, interactive timeline. A simple idea but sometimes that’s all you need.

5. Fiorucci

Finally, this ‘pop up shop’ for Fiorucci is one of the most original sites we’ve seen in a while. It completely disregards any rules and just does its own thing. It will definitely split opinion but that’s always a good thing right? We love it.