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After a short holiday we’re back with some more site inspiration. We might be a bit late to the party with some of these but they’re good nonetheless. From sexy chairs to musical posters and a ghost story. Lots to like as always.

Remember: A lot of the sites we’ll be sharing use experimental web technologies. To see them at their best, be sure to use an up-to-date browser. We viewed them all in Google Chrome.

1. Computerized Forms

In the site’s own words, “Computerized Forms is an experiment in making poster designs move to music using the Web Audio API”. Basically, some cool designs brought to life with some cool music. What’s not to like?

2. Task Chairs

If the purpose of this site is to make you want their chairs, it succeeds. To show them off, they’ve broken down the whole design process into multiple interactive screens, each as fun to play with as the last. Great industrial design. Great web design. I want one.

3. A Ghost Store

Really love this promotional site for upcoming film ‘A Ghost Story’. A fun concept, beautiful minimal design, smooth interactions, clever copy… and all based around what looks to be a brilliant film.

4. Best Day

A little interactive site made to educate teenagers on the importance of healthy living. The topic is made fun and engaging through the use of colourful gradients, cute illustrations and bouncy animated interactions. Simple but nicely done.

5. You Matter

This site takes itself a bit too seriously but it’s good nonetheless. Made to promote the Accademia del Lusso, a fashion academy (which might explain the pretentious vibes), it’s a really interesting mix of fashion editorial and glitchy interactive design.