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We’ve got a couple of agency sites this week. Always a good source of creativity and the ones we’ve found don’t disappoint. We also have interactive VR storytelling and a unique take on boring blog design. Lovingly curated as always and hopefully a good dose of weekly inspiration for you.

Remember: A lot of the sites we’ll be sharing use experimental web technologies. To see them at their best, be sure to use an up-to-date browser. We viewed them all in Google Chrome.

1. Tabel

Tabel is a VR experiment in interactive storytelling. Set in a restaurant, you control the story’s narrative by moving your gaze to different tables and listening in on their conversations. An interesting concept and a possible glimpse into the future of film and tv.

2. Marpi Demos

A site to showcase the experimental work of interactive digital artist, Marpi. With floating eyeballs, polygonal spiders, a metallic eagle head and more, it’s a fun example of creative coding and what’s possible in the browser.

3. October

First off, we like this site because it’s all about beer. That’s a good enough reason for me. But what we really love is the unique blog design. In a world of cookie cutter templates, it’s nice to see something a bit more considered. And it’s all about beer.

4. Johnson Banks

We might be a bit late to the party with this one but we’ve just discovered it and had to share. A highly creative approach to site navigation and simply fun to click and scroll around.

5. Oui Will

Finally, another agency site and another funky navigation (check out the ‘work’ section). It’s almost too minimalist, but just the right amount of interactive design brings the site to life and shows off a quality portfolio.