Get more mmm for your money with Greggs

By Neil Caffery, Planning Director

At last week’s Prolific North Marketing Awards, our ‘Greggs Value’ campaign bagged the Best E-commerce and Retail Campaign award, and we couldn't be more chuffed. 

Born in response to the challenges presented by the ongoing cost of living crisis, ‘Greggs Value’ set out to celebrate that with Greggs, quality and value for money is always on the menu. 

For over eight decades, Greggs has been the trusted go-to for delicious food-on-the-go that won’t break the bank. To Greggs, value isn't just about spending less, it's about giving their customers more for their money. 

We utilised the power of OOH advertising and radio to convey the idea of "more for your money." Through OOH, we showcased mouth-watering products that visually competed for poster space with bold headlines. Simple but memorable lines like "More mmm for your money" emphasises the link between Greggs and excellent value. 

Our radio ads highlighted the satisfaction that comes with savouring a freshly made Greggs product. The cheerful dialogue played on the innocent everyday conversations we all have about our meal plans, ensuring our message was relatable to all.

The ‘Greggs Value’ campaign delivered remarkable results, and our win at the Prolific North Marketing Awards was the cherry on top of an all round irresistible campaign. 

Now who fancies a Sausage, Bean and Cheese Mmmmmmmelt?