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Last week, the ambitious competitors of Drummond Central made their mark at the annual Digital Union Summer Net Together held at Wylam Brewery.

Cladded top-to-toe in DC black, accessorised with intimidating war paint, we entered the competition in full force. DC got to finally show off the alternative skills of the team, in balancing, bouncing, and various other semi-athletic abilities.

First up, Ed and Andee took on the spacehopper race, bounding ahead for awestruck onlookers.

Nichola and Aimee rocked the egg and spoon race as a matching leather-jacketed duo.

Laura and Josh, although warmed up for a relay sprint, wobbled across the finishing line with tennis balls between their knees.

Lastly, Jonathon and Will tackled the beanbag toss challenge, an exercise in aim, strength and discipline.

In a nail-biting near-victory, we didn’t place. But, we did all agree that we certainly won the unofficial prize of ‘Most Team Spirit’.

You say “Drummond,” we say “Central!”