We're effing serious

By Neil Caffery, Planning Director

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Here at DC, effectiveness really matters. So we make sure it’s always high on the agenda when creating work with our clients and partners.

We’re so serious about it in fact, we created Eff Club – a band of planners, account handlers, art directors and copywriters who sing the praises of effectiveness at every opportunity. Yes, there’s 7 of us. And yes, we’re reaching for the stars.

What the eff have we been up to this week? Watching the IPA’s marketing effectiveness initiative, EffWorks, and gathering some priceless insights and inspiration. The EffWorks initiative “seeks to create a global industry movement, to promote a marketing effectiveness culture in client and agency organisations, and improve our day-to-day working practices.” And we’re all for that.

Eff Club’s aim is to keep building a culture of effectiveness throughout the whole agency. This matters to us because our client services teams need to have the tools to discuss effectiveness on a day-to-day basis with clients, our creative floor needs to know how to maximise the effectiveness of their amazing ideas, and our planners need to help agency and client teams put effectiveness in motion and help to monitor it on an ongoing basis.

Next week, we'll be taking what we're learned from EffWorks and feeding it to the whole agency at our Effectiveness Breakfast. The response from all teams has been extraordinary and we're buzzing that there's such an appetite for learning about effectiveness across the agency.