School of DC: Marketing Magic and a New Recruit

By Emilia Holton, Marketing Executive


This year’s School of DC wrapped up a little over five weeks ago, and what an experience it's been for the five of us – especially for myself, Emilia, who managed to wrangle a job out of it. So with that in mind, I'm excited to talk a little about the program and our time at Drummond Central.

For its sixth instalment of School of DC, Drummond Central opened its doors to a super lovely bunch, if I do say so myself. Our cohort consisted of: Creative Jack Kemp, copywriter Alice Page, graphic designer Brandon Staniford, strategy-focused Erika Tyson-Green, and myself, Emilia Holton, DC’s new Marketing Executive.

For those unfamiliar, School of DC is a golden opportunity for anyone and everyone, of all ages and abilities, who are interested in a career in marketing to get an authentic taste of agency life through a truly top-notch, two-week placement. Not to mention it’s paid, which ought to be mentioned as it seems a rarity these days.

Alice Shadowing (1)
Creative WIP 2 (1)

Our group was a real mixed bag; some of us, like myself, had no prior industry experience and had recently graduated, while others had years of freelance work under their belts. A couple were exploring complete career overhauls, and another had spent the last six months in Barcelona as a teacher. 

But what united us in our interest in the program was its comprehensive structure. School of DC covers such a wide spectrum of marketing facets and career paths, allowing each of us to excel in our respective niches and collaborate brilliantly as a team. The opportunity to build connections and learn directly from professionals within the industry was particularly enticing, especially considering that aside from their extensive knowledge, they also happen to be exceptionally cool people. 

The program’s location was also a great aspect, offering a unique perspective here in the North, away from the gravitational pull of London, which so many of my university peers felt pressured to succumb to. 

Jack Shadowing (1)
Dan A Workshop 2

We've all had such a blast, and reflecting on the experience, I can't believe what we've fit into just two weeks. From department masterclasses, shadowing hours, strategy sessions, and of course, working on a live client brief we then presented – it’s been insane, but in the best possible way. 

We were definitely thrown in at the deep end, balancing client work with soaking up as much insight as we could from the DC teams. For me personally, coming fresh out of university, this experience has filled in the gaps that my studies couldn't. The program has seamlessly bridged the chasm between classroom theory and real-world agency scenarios, providing an incredible opportunity for me to realise my ambitions and kick-start my career. 

In an industry where you’re often stumped by needing experience in order to get experience, School of DC has been a refreshingly straightforward way for us aspiring marketers to gain invaluable industry insight. It’s helped all five of us consolidate our passions and refine our career aspirations; which for me, as it turns out, is to stay put at Drummond Central.

So with that being said, I can’t wait to become a familiar face around the agency, and I look forward to seeing next year's class come through the doors.