EC/DC does it

By Iain Thompson, Head of Studio

19016 Dc Earth Day 2023 Thumbnail 700X400px

Not to be mistaken for a tribute band, EC/DC is our cross-departmental environmental team. They’re on a mission to create an agency-wide, project-spanning culture that meets our sustainability objectives.

Taking direction from the IPA’s Adnet Zero Summit in November 2022, we’ve been getting our house in order. From changing major consumables to updating our interior signage, from clothing Swap Shops to beach clean-ups (and everything in-between), it’s been full-on to say the least.

Not only that, all members of EC/DC have completed the IPA Adnet Zero Certificate. This accomplishment reflects our unwavering commitment to sustainability and reducing Drummond Central’s carbon footprint.

Our next goal is ISO 14001 re-accreditation, and by developing and implementing our new green policies and processes, we’re confident we’ll meet the criteria for Environmental Management Certification. Our audit is in May, and we’re excited for the opportunities that will come with it. Bring it on.