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The other big launch of 2020


Today is all about launches. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock – and in 2020, who could blame you? – you’ll have noticed that PS5™ came out today.

Since last Thursday, the Greggs | PlayStation® collaboration has been teased across both brands’ social channels and on statement out of home sites – piquing the interest of Greggs fans and gaming enthusiasts across the country.

The campaign celebrates the meeting of two masters – the iconic PlayStation® shapes made from the tastiest combination of classic Greggs products – bringing together two of the best-loved brands in the country and making play a whole lot tastier.

Greggs X Playstation Website 1 (1)

The limited-edition Greggs | PlayStation® Launch Box came out today and unites some of Greggs’ top products, packaged up in a tasty treat box for a fiver. A launch within a launch if you will, like the movie Inception, just with more Sausage Rolls.

The limited-edition Launch Box is encased in a striking blue sleeve featuring the Greggs food shapes, which when removed reveals a pristine white box with understated text marking the date. The exclusive Launch Box was delivered to top gaming creators and social influencers to capitalise on this defining cultural moment – some called it “the collab we all need”.

Greggs X Playstation Website6

The result? A fully immersive campaign that celebrates the PS5™ launch in the irreverent and fun way that Greggs is known for and loved for. After all, it had to be something pretty great to bring together two of the best-loved brands in one culture-defining moment.

We’ve seen the future and it’s tasty.

Greggs X Playstation Website4
Greggs X Playstation Website