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The Chrome Collection


For Triumph Motorcycles, the launch of the Chrome Collection was one of the most ambitious launches of special edition bikes they had ever undertaken – ten iconic motorcycles from across their Modern Classics and Rocket families, each with a unique new chrome design, available for one year only. The chroming process itself took five years to refine, eliminating any flaws or blemishes and achieving a jewellery-grade finish. These bikes encapsulate the pursuit of perfection and the art of craftsmanship.

In essence, Triumph’s already beautiful bikes had been made even more stunning by the addition of chrome features, and the challenge for us was making sure that we did them justice. Taking our cues from the world of high fashion, we developed The Chrome Collection to highlight the elegance of these motorcycles, reinforcing Triumph’s position as market leader, renowned for premium quality, iconic looks and exceptional finishing.


The art direction was inspired by the reflective nature of chrome and incorporated mirrors into the imagery. This allowed us to flaunt the bikes from multiple angles, and capture several points of interest within a single image. Not only does this show off just how good these bikes look, but it also celebrates the craftsmanship – one angle just wouldn't be enough. The results are a visually stunning collection of images, matching the elevated and exclusive nature of the bikes.


Motion presented us with further opportunities to explore reflections, introducing colour and using light to play across the chrome features. Utilising a probe lens, we were able to capture macro footage of the bikes, highlighting the little details and flawless quality of the finish. By incorporating a dramatisation of the chroming process, slowly unveiling a chrome fuel tank from a pool of water, we paid homage to the dedication to perfection that Triumph have shown whilst developing these bikes.


Inspired once again by the world of haute couture, we agreed that this breathtaking collection of bikes deserved its own lookbook to help dealers convey their beauty to potential customers. Through the use of tactile stock, foiling and embossing, we created an experience that gives a taste of what it’s like to experience these machines firsthand. The lookbook was distributed across dealerships globally, including Brazil, China, USA and Thailand, and the bikes quickly sold out within six months of launch.

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