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SiWorld takes off


In the ever-evolving world of trading, it can be hard to cut through the noise. So Stocknet Institute, the trading firm dedicated to supporting skilled but under-capitalised traders, needed to pack a punch with the launch of their new platform, SiWorld.

The mission was clear: create a platform that not only breaks industry norms but does so with a distinct visual identity. Our challenge was to shape the look of SiWorld and craft a series of launch videos that explained its key aspects and functionalities. For the platforms big take off, we wanted to drum up anticipation for what SIWorld offers, whilst informing viewers.

For the look, we needed to strike a balance between the innovation SiWorld embodies, and a professionalism which avoids gimmicks or juvenile aesthetics. We landed on a low polygon style with a slick, futuristic flair. Everything was crafted in-house, brought to life in epic 3D by our own motion graphics team.

SiWorld’s triumphant arrival skyrocketed across Stocknet Institute’s social channels, ahead of the platform's launch in October. The aesthetic we created will continue to expand as SIWorld grows, meaning it's not over and out just yet. We’re looking to the future and are excited to see where SIWorld takes traders worldwide next.