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Reach your True Potential


True Potential’s first ever TV ad launched on Friday ahead of the Rugby World Cup, and we’re super excited to see it out in the wild.

‘Reach Your True Potential’ is their bold new creative platform that uses the brand name in a call to action, urging you to take charge of your financial destiny.

Despite being an established financial brand, True Potential faced a challenge with their spontaneous awareness registering below 1%. We needed to bring awareness to a brand that had never advertised publicly before.

Our insight explored how intangible the future can often feel; it’s big, obscure and hard to picture. And so, we procrastinate and defer making decisions, even if they would benefit us. Inaction can mean a lot of missed potential.

True Potential offer a singular place to manage your wealth, savings and investments with the assistance of financial advisors right in the palm of your hand. So, our strategic idea was about taking ownership of the future you want.

That's where ‘Reach Your True Potential’ comes in. It's not just a headline; it's a challenge, telling you that your financial dreams aren't just aspirations; they're achievable realities.

True Potential1

Picture this, you’re enjoying your perfect future – whether that's early retirement, helping your children through university, or relaxing at that holiday home you’ve always wanted. Suddenly, your ideal life is thrusted out of reach, making you question your financial footing. It's a reality check we can all relate to, designed to nudge people into taking action and get in touch with True Potential to make their dream life a reality.

True Potential2

The 30” and 10” ads hit screens this week, with more buzz to come on OOH and social media in the near future.

A massive shoutout to our partners who helped make this happen – Greenroom Films, James Lawes (Director), Tim Fok (Director of Photography) and David Boni (Photographer).

True Potential3