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"Greggs not regs"


As the sixth season of Line of Duty drew to a close with a gripping finale, Greggs had an even bigger surprise planned for DI Kate Fleming, with a transfer from AC-12 to OG-12.

When Greggs suggested gifting Vicky McLure a Greggs burner phone for her birthday, we knew it had to be even more surprising than H’s reveal. It’s no secret the star is a self-confessed Greggs fan, previously stating that she could never move to Hollywood because “I’d be nowhere near a Greggs and I don’t think I’d like a life without a Sausage Roll.”

To welcome Vicky into OG-12 we produced a video that established the sit rep, taking her through evidence collected on her love for Greggs. The dramatic video took lots of inspiration from Line of Duty and included soundbites from none other than Supt. Ted Hastings to get the tasty mission across. For the purposes of the tape, Vicky’s burner was authorised to call in a baked response unit to a charity of her choice by replying to an awaiting text message from G.

Everything was wrapped up in a custom-branded Greggs x Line of Duty box, personalised with Vicky’s birthday and the opening line ‘Fancy a Greggs, mate?’  The Central Police logo was even re-worked for the Original Greggs Unit and added as the burner phone screensaver.

Lod Image 1920X1080 3
Lod Image 1920X1080 1

To get the package to her, the Greggs CHIS moved in to drop the burner and a stash of Sausage Rolls at a covert location, and well-placed sources were on standby to carry out Vicky’s commands. Vicky was halfway through celebrating her birthday when she shared a video of the package to her 1.1 million followers on Instagram and Twitter, proclaiming “Greggs not regs!”.

It’s safe to say, it’s definitely time to forget about H and focus on G.