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Changing hearts


This week we kicked off a new regional campaign alongside the NHS Integrated Covid Hub North East, to encourage young people to have their Covid vaccinations.

Around a third of young people in our region aren’t vaccinated – that’s about 106,000 individuals. The Change of Heart campaign strives to reassure those who are still unvaccinated that it’s completely OK to have a change of heart, and that it’s never too late to get protected.

No matter what your reason is, there’s no judgement. Whether that’s to safeguard loved ones, or make it easier to go on holiday. The NHS Integrated Covid Hub is here to help you with your vaccination process, so that we can all help protect those around us.

NHS Change Of Heart Website3
NHS Change Of Heart Website6

Our research identified a crucial need for a behaviour change communications campaign to specifically target vaccine hesitancy. It was important to address fears, concerns, and apathy and ensure that our messaging felt reassuring, relevant, and resonated with 16-29 year olds in the North East.

This campaign focuses on four relatable individuals, who describe their particular concerns about getting the Covid vaccine. The catalysts behind their change of heart are highlighted, encouraging like-minded individuals to consider getting their jabs.

It will run for the next few months, so expect to catch us across your TV, radio, at the cinema, as well as across social media, press and OOH.

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