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Bag Some Joy: The Game Show


Feast your eyes on the all-new game show, 'Bag Some Joy'. Well, the trailer at least.

Watch as contestants compete in a series of tasty games whilst cheered on by an audience of Greggs fanatics through a series of energetic highlights.

Celebrating the endless possibilities you can enjoy with Greggs, whether it’s on a date, on a plate, on a train, or on a Tuesday – everyone’s a winner. And the best bit? From Bacon Breakfast Rolls to Pepperoni Pizzas, all the prizes are a delicious selection of Greggs products, which our contestants and audience couldn't be happier about.

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This fun and flavour-filled creation was directed by the dynamic duo, That Jam, through The Gate Films. Alongside TV and cinema ads, we created glitter-adorned OOH, spotlighting the various parts of the day Greggs is perfect for – breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We also took our dazzling host to radio, where he involved listeners in their very own ‘Bag some joy’ minigame, where they can’t go wrong with their answers.

Our only question is now, if this was a real game show, who would want to play?

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