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With shops that are part of every town, and food that can be part of any moment, Greggs has never been something you have to schedule in or book a table for, it’s always been food that fits in with how people live.

In fact, it’s officially easier to get your hands on a Greggs than any other food on-the-go brand. With shops everywhere, and tasty products you can slip in your pocket and take just about anywhere, you’re never far away from your Greggs fix. And we thought that was a pretty cool idea for a new campaign.

18007 Greggs Outsideeating A La Car

Our latest work with Greggs is a cheeky nod to everyone suddenly promoting their outside dining areas. A not so subtle reminder that this great British brand has been doing Outside Eating Areas since the day they turned their ovens on. From lunchtime breaks to mountain walks, sunrise treats to pre-gig pit stops, Greggs is available pretty much everywhere, and enjoyed anywhere. Shot on location by the awesome Ryan Edy. We think this one was well worth getting up at stupid o’clock for.

18007 Greggs Outsideeating Hillside Sausage Rolls
18007 Greggs Outsideeating Pre Gig Bakes
18007 Greggs Outsideeating Sunrise Coffee