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An epic partnership forged in chocolate


When KitKat and Prime Video joined forces to celebrate the launch of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, such an epic partnership demanded an announcement to match. 

Ahead of the series release, we teased what the partnership might mean for both brands with a reimagining of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power official title reveal.

The video opens on a rocky, mountainous landscape, where streams are seen flowing through cracks in the surface before cascading down a valley, with walls that suspiciously resemble KitKat wafers. The streams crash together at the bottom to form a molten chocolate rapid that takes over the entire screen. An iconic 4-finger KitKat slowly rises from a lake of chocolate, this one with a difference – magical Elvish writing glows on each bar before the transformation is complete.

Kitkat | LOTR2
Kitkat | LOTR3

Kev Hughes, Creative Director said “The launch of such an epic collaboration needed to resonate with both Middle-earth fans and KitKat lovers. We wanted to forge an unbreakable bond between these two worlds. Taking inspiration from the title announcement for The Rings of Power, we dramatised the world of Nestlé by showing the forging of a four-finger KitKat. ‘Have an epic break’ brought a new level of magic, intrigue and appeal to an already legendary product, and gave it new relevance to a worldwide audience.”

The KitKat and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power partnership had further tasty treats in store. As the fantastically epic new series launched, so did two equally cinematic and exciting ad spots that continue the ‘Have an epic break’ campaign.

Kitkat | LOTR6

From the moment they tear open that iconic red pack, KitKat provides chocolate lovers with a moment of escapism and enjoyment. KitKat once again reminded people how important breaks are and how they can provide them with a fresh perspective – this time as they enjoy an epic break from reality in Middle-earth.

The ‘Have an epic break’ campaign launched a global promotion which offered the chance to win a variety of Amazon goodies, with the top prize being an epic adventure – the ultimate experience for any The Lord of the Rings fan, old or new. 

Kitkat | LOTR4
Kitkat | LOTR5