Building an integrated brand and digital experience that's as good as the real thing

We joined forces with Northumberland County Council and Northumberland Tourism to produce a world-class brand and digital platform for Northumberland, the most beautiful county in the UK (ok, we’re biased).


Put Northumberland on the map as a leading destination of choice for UK holiday goers.


Although Northumberland has higher satisfaction ratings than Cornwall and The Lake District, too many people reject it as a holiday destination – without an ounce of consideration.


It was our job to showcase all the amazing experiences Northumberland has to offer, experiences that are on par to the rest of the world.


Endless Experiences, a brand platform that proudly celebrates the many, varied experiences Northumberland has to offer. Things that non-visitors simply don’t associate with the region.


This platform helped to shape the creation of a new brand identity with an authentic, modern and elegant design, which is sympathetic to the rich history of Northumberland.


We created a best-in-class digital platform to bring the experience of visiting Northumberland right to holiday-makers’ homes. Our tailor-made customisation engine helps users find exactly what they’re looking for, whether that’s walking on the beach, rock climbing or kayaking; we’ve got it covered.


Technically-able, this Kentico-powered platform uses multiple data streams to allow us to enhance site content with up-to-date information to support a user’s holiday planning, such as Holy Island crossing times and B&B availability.