A brand fit for a new direction


To become the go-to provider of business expertise and knowledge for privately-owned businesses.


Previously known as BE Group – a business built on public sector contracts, they wanted to take their success into their own hands. They had ambitions of working directly with the private sector businesses that have been reaping the benefits from their decades of business knowledge and expertise.

Through extensive consultation with stakeholders many options were considered from subtle brand evolution to something more radical. The eventual approach was to create a completely new brand identity and business name) which lived up to the ambitious plans and attitudes of the business and the teams behind it.

We discovered they wanted to be the go-to source of information, knowledge and finance for businesses looking to tackle a challenge head on or continue on their growth trajectory. They wanted to be, and were already seen as, a North Star for the best business expertise. They were resourceful individuals who worked together as the perfect team, there was no business like them.


Introducing UMi. They help businesses go further by taking the hard work out of finding and using the best information, expertise and finance. They see the people behind businesses as individuals and use their experience to see the bigger picture and guide them on their path to greatness.

UMi – an abbreviation of the Ursa Minor constellation, the constellation which explorers have used for centuries to guide them on their way. There was no better fitting name.

The identity uses a graphical representation of the UMi constellation, each star uses its own colour to represent the individuals and teams that work together behind the scenes to support the individuals and businesses they work with.

It was an important part of the project that the UMi brand was to have a fresh and inspiring personality and image – it wasn’t to look like another business support network, it had to have stand out and compel their audiences wanting to know the story behind it.


A brand the reflects their personal and business ambitions for the future.

The brand is now live, following a successful launch to colleagues across the business, business peers and existing customers. The brand was welcomed and many colleagues expressed that they now feel as though they truly understand who they are.

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