Creating clarity for a complex global brand

Tracerco is a world-leading industrial technology company providing clients with invaluable insights, helping them to make informed decisions about their operations. With a complex portfolio of products and services, spanning multiple industries, they found it impossible to communicate clearly what they do and why they do it, in a way that unites all aspects of the business.


To simplify and unify the brand, confidently communicate Tracerco’s value, and instil a renewed sense of pride across the business as an innovative global company.


We fully immersed ourselves in the Tracerco business, and got to know it inside out. Through staff workshops, surveys and site visits, we developed a compelling brand positioning – ‘Insight through innovation’ – capturing a thread that runs through every aspect of their complex business.


We developed a beautiful and captivating new global brand direction for Tracerco – one that presents the business in a way that lives up to its reputation, and one that staff around the world are proud to be part of.


The Trace, a fluent graphical device, was introduced across brand communications to visually tie together all aspects of the business, including flowing liquids, pipelines, molecules in motion, data lines on graphs, continuous exploration and global reach. In this way, the Trace unites the many different departments and disciplines as one.


As well as creating the Trace, we brought the voice of the Tracerco brand to the front, showcasing the value their services bring to customers – a step change from technical and product-led comms.


A brand that has real clarity, confidence, with bold new branding that shows the world exactly who Tracerco is. Or as MD, Jon Tate puts it: “We finally know why we’re all here and how to talk about ourselves.”