Stoke City FC

Focusing on the fabric of the fans

For Stoke City FC supporters, the Club is woven into the very fabric of who they are. They live and breathe the game.

It’s who they are, it’s what they are.

The brief

Following a disheartening season (given an immediate return to the Premier League had been hoped for), we needed to bring enthusiasm, excitement and pride back into the Club.

Our challenge was to re-engage with, and inspire the whole community, not just match day fans, to get behind the team and buy the new season’s kits.

Our approach

We see SCFC and the fans as being unified – one simply couldn’t exist without the other. With this in mind, we wanted to challenge not only the aesthetic but also the approach of a typical kit launch campaign and encourage the Club to move in a new direction. Our route shifted the focus and attention from the players to the fans as well as the beloved places of Stoke, to really resonate with supporters on a deeper, emotional level.

What we delivered

Stoke is a tight-knit community with the majority of fans living within 10 miles of the Stadium. To demonstrate the Club’s appreciation of its supporters, the fans became the heroes, going about their daily lives and match day routines, wearing the kit proudly at work, in the pub or at a kickabout. We delivered this through a multi-channel campaign using outdoor, retail POS, experiential elements and a series of in-house produced social videos.

By focusing on the fans, we had a large bank of content that provided longevity to the concept for the entire season, should there be movement within the First Team.

The results

The Club received overwhelmingly positive feedback from fans who were delighted to be recognised and appreciated for their support. This connection and engagement got fans on side for the 19/20 season and maintained buoyant kit sales.

From launch, we saw fans being inspired by the celebration of diversity, and proud of the shared love for the 19/20 season. A true benchmark is the feedback on the kit and the campaign as a whole.

"You’ve done an amazing job with this campaign for the city and the football club I love so much. You smashed it out of the park.”

Behind the scenes video
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