Bringing the numbers to life

Sage was seen as a traditional brand, struggling to connect with smaller businesses and entrepreneurs. It needed to be seen as relevant, rather than a corporate giant that isn’t agile or innovative enough for the younger businesses.

2.8 million impressions
105K organic views in 10 days


Change perceptions of Sage amongst small businesses and entrepreneurs. They recognised their reputation as a traditional, old-school brand wasn’t helping, and something had to change. We had to show that Sage understands everyone’s accounting needs, not just those of big corporations.


We knew that entrepreneurs and small business owners avoid doing their accounting. It’s often the last thing on their list. This insight led us to the ‘Get Down With The Numbers’ idea. The campaign reminded people that Sage has always been about taking care of the numbers, so that business owners can focus on what really matters – running their business. The hashtag #GetDownWithTheNumbers bound our social content together, and informed our creative approach.


A social strategy and content that shook off old perceptions of Sage. Through a blend of paid media and organic content, we delivered six 30” edits, plus supporting GIFs, stills and carousels. This tongue-in-cheek social content saw The Numbers in a range of everyday situations. It positioned Sage as the people to look after them, and help small businesses and entrepreneurs keep them under control.


Our social campaign shifted perceptions of Sage amongst the audience that matters. We delivered over 2.8 million impressions, and 105K organic views in 10 days. The Numbers campaign was Sage UK’s most engaging social content by far, and we’re currently helping the Sage team take The Numbers global – first to South Africa, then Brazil and finally Australia.