Ouseburn Farm

Putting the city-centre farm on the map


As a visitor attraction and working farm at risk of closure, Ouseburn Farm needed an identity – one that put them on the map.


One core issue that faced the farm was that no-one knew it was there – it was an attraction that was overlooked by the whole city and beyond, yet no-one saw it.

As a working farm in the heart of the Ouseburn Valley, they have animals, gardens, an orchard, a furniture shop and a cafe. But that’s not all they’re about. They do a huge amount of outreach work – they have educational classrooms that accommodate school children and vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals and communities, providing them with skills to develop their knowledge and life experiences.

Ouseburn Farm is a place for growing, growing in its traditional sense but also for people and local groups to learn, have new experiences and grow as a community. This was the internal mantra at the centre of everything we delivered for Ouseburn Farm.


Ouseburn Farm welcomes everyone with open arms, a grassy grin and the smell of home-cooked scones. It truly is a magical place, made even more magical by its physical location – right in the heart of the Ouseburn Valley at the end of a busy city centre.

The new brand identity and personality captures all of those feelings and magical experiences, it has bags of charisma and is a little cheeky at times – all things you’d come to experience if you stepped through the doors.

The Ouseburn Farm brand talks on many levels to each of its audiences; school children, families, children, visitors to the region and community groups. Each audience is met with their own version of Ouseburn Farm, one that talks on their level and inspires them to visit.


We created a brand that you can’t forget. One you wouldn’t want to forget. The new brand launched ahead of a huge Crowdfunding push and was pinnacle at helping the charity secure vital funds to stay open.

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