NU World

An immersive, disruptive, digital university experience aimed at the global student market.

The choice to attend university is one of the most important decisions individuals will make in their lifetime and will have a lasting impact on their future.

The higher education landscape is more diverse than ever with a myriad of courses and routes available. Every individual has a different goal and a different emotional state and needs.

The Brief

We needed to offer Northumbria’s on-Campus Open Day experience and engaging content through a more globally accessible virtual channel.

The Solution

A unique digital platform that ties content and marketing data together, in a way that drives enrolment conversion. Originally designed to give a virtual open day experience to prospective students from far afield, the current climate means that the platform acts as Northumbria’s open day experience for all.

The NU platform creates “in the moment” experiences to ensure that individuals are being influenced at the most opportune point of the journey and in the most impactful way. This is done by tailoring content per each user and giving them an experience that is unique and only appropriate to them. The platform’s content is dynamically shown to the user based on a series of profiling questions and data. Based on the user's interaction, specific content is delivered, for example, sports enthusiasts will be shown sport related content, courses, and news.

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The Future

NU World tackles the ‘cookie cutter’ response to digital open days, challenging the use of “360 views” and “interactive maps” and holding virtual events. We aim to disrupt the industry through cutting edge technologies and GDPR compliant data warehousing to drive KPIs across the University landscape.

The Stats

1500+ Prospective students signed up and attended the first live virtual open day event.
Over 11000 prospective students have signed up and attended live virtual events since launch.
Live events now running weekly with hundreds of signed up weekly users.
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