Making the journey smoother

Our digital team analysed the analytics of the Nexus website and deployed user-tracking software to monitor behaviour and site interactions. This led to an overhaul of the existing information architecture and the development of a user-first menu and page content structure. This meant users would be presented with the content they visit most frequently, in as little clicks as possible. We upgraded the content management platform to Drupal 8 and made the admin functionality more flexible to future-proof the site’s new structure and design.


Part of our approach was to create more user-centric functionality to deliver a digital experience that is frictionless and pain-free. Our analysis showed that Metro timetables were one of the most frequently visited sections, which led to the introduction of a bespoke content section. This displays content depending on the time a user enters the site, and allows the user to perform searches based on their current location. We wanted the site to be intuitive and to provide solutions to the users' problems.

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