Newcastle Building Society

Introducing Poppy the pound

Newcastle Building Society, the largest building society in the North East, is committed to helping local people have a better financial future. In 2018, they recognised that people in the North East were finding it particularly hard to save, and were relying on credit to make larger purchases. This led Newcastle Building Society to create a range of savings accounts that encourage customers to save little and often.

Exceeded forecast campaign delivery by 161%
Surpassed social benchmarks by 50%

The brief

Launch the new range of Regular Savings accounts whilst engaging and attracting two key audience groups: those with young families and those with more disposable income.

Our approach

Our insight showed that the reason these audiences struggled to save was because they found it hard to get into the habit, and felt they had to save large chunks each month. Our proposition of ‘Start saving little and often’ addressed both those barriers, showing people that saving small amounts soon builds up – and it’s easier than you think.

What we delivered

Poppy the Pound – a friendly and helpful coin who likes nothing more than to tell people how easy it is to start saving. Poppy was created by our in-house motion graphics department, using facial tracking techniques to give her a realistic and authentic look. She appeared in a suite of long and short-form video content. Our activity was weighted heavily towards social and digital formats. Our targeting method overlayed our audiences likes, dislikes and behaviours with their location and proximity to branches across the region. This allowed us to serve different product messages to different people, communicating key features and benefits.

The result

We created a campaign that gave Newcastle Building Society a competitive edge in a cluttered savings market. It surpassed industry benchmarks across all social activity, nearly doubling our forecasted click-through rates, and brought a new wave of customers into the society.

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