Moving on Tyne and Wear

Tackling unemployment in the North East

Moving on Tyne and Wear changes lives across the region, providing free and truly personal care to people with physical and mental health issues, to help them take a step closer towards work.

The brief

To create their first fully-integrated campaign to raise awareness of the programme, and encourage those struggling to begin the journey of getting back into employment.

Our approach

A campaign that resonated with people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, helping them realise they’re not alone and there’s support available. By creating a campaign that was relatable, it encouraged more self-referrals of a hard-to-reach audience.

What we delivered

A coherent campaign that took pride of place across the city centre through emotive digital, cinema and radio ads. It highlighted there’s help out there that can pave the way to a positive future. People’s touching stories show how they felt before they moved on. We then see where they are now, thanks to the help of Moving on Tyne and Wear.

The result

In the first two months of the campaign, direct enquiries almost tripled and overall referrals increased by a whopping 160%. The Moving on Tyne and Wear team is continuing to see a significant increase in brand awareness, which means the campaign we created will have a long-lasting impact on the work they provide. Something our region desperately needs.

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