Lease Loco

The UK's biggest car leasing site

LeaseLoco can’t get enough of finding the best car deals. Using their unique algorithm, ‘The LocoScore’, they make it easier and cheaper for everyone to get the car they want, when they want. That’s why they’re the UK’s biggest car lease deal comparison site.

The brief

Let everyone know that there is a better, cheaper way to find and finance their next new car. The leasing market in the UK is relatively small, so our challenge was not just about stealing share from other leasing sites. We needed a campaign that would convince anyone who was searching for a new car to visit

Our approach

We thought a beautifully memorable name needed an equally memorable figurehead. Someone who knows their stuff when it comes to cars. Someone trustworthy, upstanding, and able to build fame and fluency for a relatively new and unknown brand. Someone totally Loco about amazing deals. And preferably someone small enough to fit on a dashboard. In a cluttered market with some big spenders*, to stand any chance of increasing our market share and driving growth for the brand we knew we had to increase our SoV. This meant investing in TV as our lead comms channel, with a mix of brand building and direct response activity. *£38.5m total category spend 2019. Source: Nielsen Addynamix, Category = Motor Suppliers

What we delivered

Say ‘hola’ to Luis — a guitar-playing, deal-loving, car lease evangelist who was born to embody LeaseLoco’s passion for deals. Conceived, 3D-modelled, and brought to life in-house, Luis became the mouthpiece for LeaseLoco’s TV debut. With a few catchphrases and a bit of sass, Luis is helping the nation to wise up and lease at LeaseLoco.

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