Putting Lewis Capaldi to work

The Greggs and Lewis Capaldi partnership played to the strengths of both brands and succeeded in engaging a younger audience.


In a category where the younger audience isn’t particularly brand loyal and typically has a repertoire of 8 food on the go brands, Greggs wanted to ensure their brand was well and truly in the mix.


When Greggs secured their partnership with Lewis Capaldi we knew we were onto a winner. His down to earth honesty and cheeky sense of humour on social media [not to mention his musical talent] had secured a place in our audience’s hearts and minds. This personality was a perfect match with Greggs’ tone of voice – full of fun, self awareness and unabashedly for the everyman or woman. Knowing too that this audience group often saw music as way of escaping their daily grind and connecting with like minded people we wanted to help them enjoy unique and shareable experiences with Greggs and Lewis.


In the month of his debut album release, and the morning of his BBC Big Weekend performance, we put Lewis to work in a Greggs shop near the festival site. Much to the surprise of hoards of festival goers he was tasked with serving breakfast baps, bakes and coffees to unsuspecting fans, and did so in true Lewis fashion, capturing his work experience on his Instagram for the world to see.

Six months later, to celebrate the end of his UK Academy Tour, Lewis thanked fans of his and Greggs by putting a £5k tab behind the counter in a Glasgow city-centre Greggs, giving fans the perfect reason to continue partying. The Capaldi Tab saw hundreds of fans dancing and singing all night long inside the store, while tucking into their favourite Greggs bakes.

The way we delivered the partnership was authentically Greggs and Lewis Capaldi – delivered with good humour and the element of surprise. Which other brand could make a No.1 Artist serve Sausage Rolls in Middlesbrough?


We delivered new and exciting reasons for 18-34 year olds to step into a Greggs shop – and made it unforgettable. Resulting in a significant increase in brand consideration for 18-34 year olds – the younger audience Greggs were aiming to reach. [Source: YouGov]

Lewis’ post alone has been watched over 2m times and collectively, the reach was 25m.

We smashed social engagement benchmarks of 1-2%, achieving 25% engagement rate on owned channels.

The partnership secured 140+ pieces of high-value media coverage.

And, during a TV interview Lewis claimed it was his favourite brand partnership to date (he’s since done quite a few).

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