Greggs x PlayStation

A meeting of giants

The Greggs | PlayStation collaboration brought together two of The UK’s best-loved brands to celebrate the entertainment event of the year. It was hailed as ‘The collab we all wanted’.


Build excitement around the biggest console launch since 2013 in a way that spoke to both Sausage Roll fans and PlayStation fans alike.


The launch of the PS5 presented a unique opportunity for both brands to crossover into each other’s worlds to create a cultural moment, and to reach and engage a shared audience.

PlayStation knew that console owners are nearly twice as likely to purchase Greggs than the 18-34 population as a whole. For Greggs, this presented the perfect occasion to engage with and mean more to this younger generation of Sausage Roll fans.

Our strategy tapped into using brand cues from both brands to capitalise on a shared cultural moment in a way that could only be successfully executed by Greggs and PlayStation. We built hype and anticipation to fever pitch to celebrate the other big launch of 2020 – the Greggs | PlayStation Launch Box.


We capitalised on the anticipation surrounding the PS5 launch to our advantage. In the week leading up to the launch, we used our social media channels, in-shop digital screens and statement out of home sites to tease that something big was coming. Everything that followed was designed to build excitement surrounding the partnership. Interaction by the PlayStation accounts further intensified the hype and piqued speculation and interest from Greggs and PlayStation fans across the country.

The creative execution celebrated the coming together of two iconic brands, and visually played to both brands strengths in honour of the most talked about cultural moment of 2020.

The overall campaign was a PlayStation pasty-iche, from the dramatic partnership reveal video which took a cheeky twist on PlayStation’s initial launch video, to the campaign strapline ‘The Future is Tasty’. Greggs playful humour and sense of fun underpinned the whole campaign.

To officially launch the Greggs | PlayStation Launch Box on 19th November, PlayStation Access filmed an unboxing video which was published on their YouTube channel. The unboxing was filmed as though it were a console and included nods to Greggs including references to the Sausage Roll’s ‘sausage delivery system’.

The limited-edition Launch Box was delivered to top gaming creators and social influencers to capitalise on this defining cultural moment – some called it “the best thing I’ve seen this whole year …”

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