Canterbury Cathedral

Giving Canterbury Cathedral a website for the ages

Canterbury Cathedral has stood the test of time for over 1400 years. But in 2022, a new challenge emerged – they needed to create meaningful connections with a wider audience, balancing both the visitor and worship experience.


Our ambition was to build a user-centric website which would attract a wider, more diverse audience to this historic building. We had the vision to bring everything that the Cathedral has to offer into one central hub – connecting visitors, worshippers, and volunteers alike.


By putting people at the centre of this full digital revamp and looking at what the Cathedral’s tourism counterparts do, we conducted interviews with our audience to help us understand what they want from a destination’s website, and how this differs in a post-covid world. 

We found that there were misconceptions about the Cathedral being outdated, only for worship, and for the older demographic. We wanted to update these perceptions, and showcase the warm welcome that the Cathedral offers to all. We then aligned our user journeys, content creation, and device design with the insights gathered to merge a welcoming visitor experience with a traditional place of worship. 


A website redesign that breathed new life into a centuries-old brand by bringing the community of Canterbury Cathedral to the fore with stories from real people and insight of what the city has to offer. We encouraged visitors from further afield to make a whole day of their visit, placing the Cathedral at the heart of the experience.

Through simplifying the website’s content, we made meaningful information more accessible and created an easier navigation journey. This gave space for important features to be added, such as bringing in the option to book in advance online.

Enhancing the performance of the online shop was key to improving the user experience, whilst also highlighting cross-sell opportunities and increasing e-commerce conversion rates. This created a quicker, more intuitive system, showcasing everything that Canterbury Cathedral has to offer.


By bringing the online shop into the Cathedral website, we increased e-commerce conversion rates, improved the user experience, and highlighted cross-sell opportunities across the website. Now with a future-proofed Umbraco based CMS, Canterbury Cathedral’s website will be able to keep up with technological advancements through bi-annual updates, and their continuous evolution will be supported for the years to come. 

And we won’t stop there – we’ll be creating an online interactive collection that will showcase a library of artefacts and models. We’ll seamlessly weave this content throughout the user journey by tagging content into key areas of the website. 

Visit and see for yourself how we’ve brought Canterbury Cathedral into the modern age.