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Tempting the faithful

Nobody loves their bank. In fact, most people are pretty unhappy with it. We helped the UK’s first digital-only bank turn heads and tempt customers away from their traditional banks by asking ‘Are You Bank Curious?’ Our social strategy smashed all industry benchmarks by delivering up to 43% engagement.

Smashed KPIs in just 3 months

Engagement rates of up to 43%

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The brief

Capture the attention of the inquisitive and tempt them to try a different way to bank. Although our insights showed that people don’t love their bank, most stay loyal to their bank of choice for 23 years. We needed to build brand affinity to transform this apathy into action; namely, switching to a new provider.

Our approach

We used a fluid blend of paid media and organic content, which we refined and retargeted throughout the campaign. Our strategy positioned Atom bank as the sexy alternative to that tired high street bank you’ve fallen out of love with. Or to put it another way, your bank on the side. Mindset-driven targeting meant our cheeky #BankCurious campaign was in front of the right kinds of people – the digitally savvy who are open to new ideas and products. In addition, our creative helped build trust in an industry under considerable scrutiny.

What we delivered

A social strategy and creative content that turned heads and, more importantly, stopped thumbs scrolling. Through a blend of paid media and organic content, our flirtatious and risqué messaging got people questioning their loyalty to their existing bank, and tempted them to ‘Bank Curious’ with Atom bank.

The result

Our social campaign smashed all KPIs in just three months, and the Facebook and Twitter following quickly grew by tens of thousands in this short period. Engagement rates were as high as 43%, and our social targeting strategy realigned the way Atom bank think about their customer base. Ultimately, we’re helping Atom bank break down barriers in the banking industry, and that’s really what we’re all about.

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