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Created by people in the entertainment industry, Myspace took the digital world by storm. After its launch in 2003, it became the home for online friendships and the space for many emerging musicians and artists. Despite its success, Myspace users eventually started logging out and never looked back. So what happened?

First, they started biting off more than they could chew. They bombarded the platform with countless ads. It was cranked up a notch in 2006 when Google paid $900 million for a three-year advertising deal that was completely dependent on the site’s traffic. After this, Myspace was never the same again.

When it attempted to revive its reputation, it tried to imitate fellow social competitor, Facebook. Unsurprisingly, a newsfeed and a cleaner look didn’t convince those they’d lost to rekindle their love for Myspace. Imitation isn’t always flattering.

Then came the investigation as to whether the site was safe. Social media influencers at the time started to post sexual images. This raised concern about whether minors were being exposed to explicit material.

If we’ve learnt anything from Myspace it’s that not all social media lasts forever. Who do you think’s the next to go?