By Kevin Hughes, Joint Head of Creative

Christmas TV ads. They’re now an eagerly-awaited tradition and like the ‘beginning of Christmas’, ready to fill us with seasonal joy and pull on our heartstrings.

Let’s have a quick look back on some from the class of 2016 and give an A* to our top ad:

Marks & Spencer – Mrs Claus

Mrs Claus takes care of a little boy who’s trusted her over her husband. Waving Santa off, she gets to work, making sure he’s not disappointed. This ad is epic, heart-warming stuff, with folk commenting on how it’s beaten John Lewis at their own story-telling game. Perfect for M&S’s clientele.

Sainsbury’s – The Greatest Gift

A man is swamped on the manic build-up to 25th December. With a toy, a little Christmas magic and James Corden singing, he shows just how important it is to spend time with loved ones.

And the A* of 2016 goes to (drum roll, please)…

WWF UK – I Protect Tigers

“This one stuck with me because it really made me think. It just felt like a nice change from the usual ‘buy more stuff’ type messages. The CGI is just brilliant. Because of the industry we’re in, I kept pausing it to try and find the joins in the edit. It’s pretty seamless, I think” – Stephen Drummond

We’re back in January, so, until then, keep your post-2016 blues like a Panto villain – behind you.