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If you missed Horizon on BBC2 last night, I urge you to catch it on iPlayer. Titled, ‘Dippy and the Whale’, it follows the dramatic replacement of the iconic ‘Dippy the Dinosaur’ (who’s been centre stage in the grand entrance hall of the Natural History Museum for 38 years), with the real skeleton of a blue whale.

Made all the more wonderful by Sir David Attenborough’s lilting tones, the film follows the teams involved in making the switchover happen.

So why the change after all these years, especially given the dino is idolised by the general public?

Described as an extremely bold move, the museum realised they have to evolve and create a new chapter. They’re resolute in the belief that critics will be silenced when they see the colossal installation and will come to accept the new blue whale as the iconic piece you see when you walk in.

The blue whale is the largest animal ever to have lived. Almost driven to extinction by hunting, it was the first species humans decided to save. The museum believes it’s an inspiring story of hope and will make us all think about what we’ve achieved by saving these endangered animals. It will act as a reminder that we’re all in it together and need to remember we have a responsibility to care for all life on earth.

I love that the museum took such a brave stance. It paid off and I for one, can’t wait to go see it.