By Richard Rippon, Senior Copywriter

The disastrous Fyre festival was billed as a luxurious island getaway for the wealthy, with tickets ranging in price from $450-$12,000. It promised to be a music festival like no other, with photo-friendly yacht parties on azure Bahamian seas, the best in fine dining and great bands in the evening.

What eventually transpired was more like Lord of the Flies for the Kardashian generation. Rather than celebrity-grade transport, many found themselves stranded at the airport with lengthy delays. The luxury accommodation turned out to be disaster relief tents and the gourmet food, cheese sandwiches. As headline bands cried off, the sewage facilities broke and there were reports of robberies. It was cancelled on the first day.

Ticket buyers were sold this Instagram fantasy by hundreds of online influencers – including Kendall Jenner and model Emily Ratajkowski – who were given free flights, accommodation and tickets in exchange for promoting the event. Many of these began deleting their posts about the festival as it descended into chaos, with most failing to have labelled them as promotional in the first place. Very naughty, according to the Federal Trade Commission – there are clear rules requiring influencers to ‘clearly and conspicuously disclose their relationships to brands’.

The moral of the story? All that glitters on Instagram, isn’t gold – it could be a sweaty cheese sandwich that’s been left in the sun.