By Imogen Hurley, Digital Account Manager

The future of broadcast TV & radio is being decided now

One of our newest clients has just embarked on a very important mission - to protect the long-term future of broadcast TV & radio. When Arqiva asked us to get involved, we knew straight away that this was a cause worth fighting for.

And this is why…

Currently, there is only certainty for the provision of TV and radio through an aerial until the early 2030s. Millions of people - especially the elderly, those with lower incomes, and people in rural areas – rely on these vital services.

In fact, recent research from Ipsos has shown that 85% of people in Great Britain believe that the Government or local MPs should continue to actively support broadcast services.[1] And that’s why Arqiva has launched Broadcast 2040+.

Arqiva came to us to help create their campaign to preserve broadcast TV and radio until 2040 and beyond. Together with the Voice of the Listener & Viewer, Age UK, Silver Voices and the Rural Services Network, our goal is to rally support for these relied-on services.


Designing Broadcast 2040+

With a clear and distinct campaign goal, our brief was to create a brand that was just as bold. Taking inspiration from the ‘no signal’ display, we designed a striking identity that’s both familiar and engaging. The vibrant identity reinstates broadcast’s role in 2022 by creating a new twist on something so recognisable to a wide range of audiences.

Popcorn at the ready

To kick things off, and encourage more people to start spreading the word, Arqiva launched Broadcast 2040+ at the Voice of the Listener & Viewer’s Annual Awards.

We produced a range of event collateral to ensure the campaign launch was absolutely unmissable, whilst also providing attendees with the right information to share and start their own conversations about why broadcast TV and radio are so important. And yes, there was even branded popcorn (TV isn’t TV without it) that we turned into a take away, a reminder of what broadcast means to the nation.

Stay tuned

This is just the beginning of Broadcast 2040+. The campaign will continue to build momentum, so stay tuned to see more. And if you want to join the campaign and help protect the vital TV and radio services that bring families, communities and our whole country together, Arqiva would love to hear from you. Get in touch with us at [email protected]


[1] Ipsos research report commissioned by Arqiva. Available online at www.arqiva.com/Importance_of_Broadcast_summary.pdf