By Dan Appleby, Managing Director

In September 2017 we sadly lost one of our colleagues, Jessica McEnroe, to Sepsis just 12 hours before her 27th birthday. To honour Jess, we have been working hard as a team to do something meaningful. We challenged ourselves to raise £50k for the UK Sepsis Trust.

We’ve organised pub quizzes, opened a bar in her name (she’d have loved J-Mc’s), dragged ourselves through 10ks, half-marathons, ultra-marathons and Tough Mudders, thrown ourselves out of planes and shaved heads. Some of us even played golf and baked cakes. I’m delighted to say that collectively as a team and business we’ve surpassed our target, raising and donating over £53k.

We hope that what we’ve done so far will help the UK Sepsis Trust raise awareness so that people don’t have to go through what we did when we lost Jess. We know she’d be proud of what we’ve achieved and we’re not finished yet. Not by any stretch.