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You may not know this but my son, Abe, shares his birthday with our Jess.

When Abe was a toddler, he fractured his leg in a freak accident. The next day, Jess bought him some sweets and a cuddly meerkat toy (Abe was obsessed with meerkats at the time). That was one of the wonderful things about Jess – whether she was with her colleagues or clients, pals or strangers, adults or kids, her spirit, compassion and kindness shone brightly.

When Abe’s cast came off, he literally ran out of the consultant’s office. He hasn’t stopped running since. He says he has a super leg (just like Pedro Pony from Peppa Pig who also broke his leg). Exactly a year on from the day we lost Jess, Abe’s doing the Mini Great North Run on Saturday 8 September. He’s running 1.5km with his dad. He’ll be five years old the next day. Our Jess would have been 28.

In honour of our ray of sunshine, we’ve decided to join Team Unpredictable Sunshine to raise money for The UK Sepsis Trust. With your donation, the trust can help others stay and shine a little bit longer. Please show your support and donate anything you can to our JustGiving page by texting OURJ90 with your amount to 70070.