Sometimes, two agencies are better than one. That was definitely the case when Raptor and Drummond Central collaborated on a digital campaign for Sky. Raptor needed the best-in-class tech partner that could deliver on ambitious projects – so they came to us. 

In some cases, the biggest bridges we need to build aren’t to customers, but to our own team. This was the problem facing Sky. They were evolving, and they wanted to ensure their employees evolved with them. Together, Raptor and Drummond Central crafted a captivating activation using the latest digital elements, allowing Sky to connect virtually with their employees. 

Our goal was to come up with something entertaining and informative. And definitely more engaging than a Zoom quiz. So we developed an interactive online zone that allowed employees to explore Sky as a virtual city. By using pop-ups, we made sure the site was accessible to everyone, and allowed newer employees to learn about all things Sky, with quizzes they could find in our virtual landscape. 

We created meaningful engagements between Sky’s people, and strengthened their relationships, all whilst ensuring they saw Sky’s new mission. After receiving positive feedback from their team, Sky came back for more.

Following incredibly tough lockdown periods for the customer service team, Sky wanted to thank them for their hard work. We developed a festive platform built around a virtual Christmas town, bringing the Christmas spirit into the homes of those unable to get out and experience it themselves. 

This featured an interactive snow globe that contained discoverable recipes, engaging games, and personalised baubles that could be sent to friends and family, making real connections digitally. We also connected with Spotify to add seasonal hits and amplify the festive spirit. And for a special Christmas gift, we even included a secret message from Anthony Joshua.