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I’m Thea and work as an Account Executive here at the wonderful place that’s Drummond Central. I’ve been here for almost five months and so far I’ve had a ball.

I’m 20 (and a half) and don’t have a degree. I’m putting that out there as I find I often get asked ‘But how did you get the job?’ I know by their genuine surprise and utter confusion what they actually mean to say is, ‘How could an over-excitable twenty-something who didn’t go to university bag a job at one of the UK’s biggest advertising agencies outside of London?’

I’m not completely sure about the answer to that one but I’m guessing it’s a mixture of things. According to our MD Beth, what really got me the job was being on the right side of persistence.

Agencies like Drummond Central have hundreds upon hundreds of graduate applicants a year, yet they can still struggle to find the perfect fit. That’s where I come in – if you’re a graduate, junior or just someone who really wants to get into the industry, listen up – I’ve got a few tips to share that may help secure your dream job.

1. Think BIG.
You may not have the ‘right experience’, or the ‘right education’ but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give yourself the same opportunities. If you’re passionate and want it, you’re halfway there.

2. Research and research some more.
Think about the kind of place you’d like to work and start Googling. You can find everything you need to know about an agency at the click of a few buttons. Swot up hard on the ones you like.

3. Shy bairns get nowt.
My favourite saying – it’s straight to the point and happens to be very true. If you’ve done your research correctly, you should have a good idea of the person you want to impress. Send them an email, a message on LinkedIn or pop in with a box of freshly baked goods. Whatever you do, make sure it’s memorable.

4. Follow up.
This is where that persistence thing comes in. Managers, Directors and those important types you want to speak to are unfortunately also very busy people. You need to show them how much you want it without being a pest. Check in with them on email, engage with them on social or send them something as a reminder – pizza is a good one.

5. Don’t screw up the interview.
Interviews can be scary but it’s important to stay real. Don’t let them get the better of you. The account-handling role is very full on – you’re constantly under pressure, working to deadlines and have to communicate with some very important people, so this is your chance to show them you can handle it.

6. You can get it if you really want.
This is true, but in the words of Jimmy Cliff you must try, try and try, try and try (listen here and thank me later). Remember, good things don’t come to those who wait, they come to those who get up and work hard for them.

I hope you’ve found this useful and if you’ve just blasted Jimmy Cliff around your living room and feel like you’re ready to try, send an email to [email protected] If you’re persistent enough, someone might just be in touch.